Economics, from the Greek “to manage a household”.

I failed the first midterm, but I have found that the course material might actually be useful! Interest rates, credit cards, basic business terminology (macro vs micro economics), and generally just expanding my scope of knowledge. I’ve proven to myself in the past that I am adept at math, engineering, and both physical and social sciences. Never have I taken a business course in my entire life (including high school), and now is my chance to see how I fair against Economics.

Now, I failed the first midterm, because I only went to two lectures because they weren’t useful. Well, obviously, if you are going to skip the class because you find a textbook more useful, you better 1) have a textbook, 2) read the textbook. I did neither, and thusly failed with a ~%46.

Thankfully, I get a second shot (it’s a first year course) and one of these midterms don’t count towards my final grade. I now have a textbook, so all that’s left is to read it! Sounds easy enough, I’m going to start doing that NOW.

Janac is going to read and understand the concepts found in his Economics textbook, without letting himself be distracted by anything.


Okay that first hour was awesome productivity. I can now explain straight line depreciation, which is actually really easy, but everything is easy once u know it. I ate food, watched bill cosby WITHOUT going into a procrastination spiral. The only reason I resorted back to this blog is because I was thinking about a few situations. Like how everyone was hating that connor guy on facebook. Anyone that gave him any attention, whether in the form of insults or concern, was still giving him attention, and therefore they automatically lose, since the attention was all he needed. People are way too easily offended. I think that comes from low self-esteem. My self-image is someone who has a high tolerance for peoples behaviors. I tend to always get along with the weird, awkward, annoying, or mean people. Lol kinda suggests I have something in common with them, but I think the opposite is true.

Also I was thinking about the dude in CEG who was exclaimed “computer science is purely programming”, angrily because he was stuck doing a CEG lab. I wonder if those labs are poorly designed, or if I’m just not keeping up with the material. I imagined explaining to him that programming languages include VHDL and Verilog, and that as a computer scientist he should be able to code in those languages too. I also wanted to tell him that he’s a COMPUTER scientist, and that means he should know about the fundamentals of computing. The CPU! I think I have a good ability to draw connections and see patterns.

I gotta go visit George sometime. Daddy tells me so many stories, imagine how many stories George probably has. George has said a lot of sensible things. The first that comes to mind is his opinion on gay marriage. Also how Spartans raised children. I’ll be writing a whole article on him later.

What is that clay like rubbery material I produce when I rub my hands together?

Day 2: 9:10AM

I’ve made my coffee, gotten ample amount of sleep, and I’m ready to learn about Replacement Decisions. People often wrestle with the question: “Should I upgrade my phone now, or should I wait until the iPhone 6 comes out?”. I gotta go give back the stolen laptop around 9 30, which is going to halt my productivity, albeit temporarily.

This one gyal situation is on my mind. I’ll leave it here for now, and pick it up when I’m done with Replacement decisions.

Janac Meenachisundaram is an extremely productive worker, and will be learning “Replacement Decisions” from his textbook. He will comprehensively understand and retain the information he learns, in order to perform better on his midterm and also to make better replacement decisions in real life.

(Self affirmation is an awesome idea)

Whoa, look at this thought pattern:

Babu mama saying that thiviya akka didn’t find him funny (possibly made up situation) <- Babu mama walking and imitating some people <- Everyone laughing really hard <- Me trying to stifle a laugh during Legacy Conference <- My laughter caused by another random girl laughing about a joke I made <- The speaker was saying “Instead of the past, we all need to live in the…” and the girl shouted “Future!” and the speaker said “Present.” and I said to the girl, “You were close”, and she could almost not stop laughing of embarrassment<-Economic analysis deals with the present and future <- Sunk costs are decisions made in the past, which are ignored
Woo wee, that thought pattern unraveled within seconds in my head. Took me about 20 times as long to type it all out lol.

7:36 PM

Pretty much still where I left off, except I went to Calculus and ELG, and studied with Samira.

Update: January 2013

I ended the course with a C+.


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