Party or Study

Conclusion: What would give me more joy at the end of the month. If I looked backed and thought “Man, what a great party” or if I thought “Man, thank the stars I finished that assignment instead of partying, because the time I spent learning led to me feeling very prepared and confident about tomorrow’s exam”. Both are “best” case scenarios, so its a fair comparison.

Many concepts in life can be compared analogously with momentum. To get the ball rolling in a conversation. To gain momentum in a business. To develop successful habits and keep them that way, perhaps one needs to gain momentum with success and not let anything dampen the harmonics along the way. Its like riding a bike.

Anyway, here’s the build up to this conclusion:

Pirathap, Vino, Jath, Vithurry, Sigojini, Sunny, Sanujh, Thilakshan, Parami, Pritesh and girls. Its a sick roster and its at the minto hotel. How often does this happen? I have to give an EEF presentation tomorrow to get money for SPAC. Its my first real task which will exemplify why I am the chair of IEEE. Anyone can write an agenda for meeting, anyone can attend conferences and meetings, but not anyone can prepare for and execute a presentation to receive $500.00.

The presentation is at 9:45am. I haven’t started making the slides or anything (6:33pm). Lets say I finish up everything and I’m prepared by 8pm. I get ready and get to the party by 9:30. I chill with them for an hour and I get home by 11:00. So I would be dedicating 3+ hours to this party, which I would probably spend doing the CLI crash course. I can do that whenever I want though. Okay what if I spent 3+ hours on an assignment due Monday? What if the 3+ hours make the difference between me getting an A and a C? What if the 3 hours spent lets me grasp the concept of Discrete Mathematics which shapes the rest of my performance during this course?

What if I learned something?

If I go to the party and a bunch of people are happy to see me and I got in a bit of conversation with a few girls – that would feed my need for attention. But, at this point of my life, I’m not craving attention because I get it during school and by staying involved in IEEE. I’d be pressured to drink and if that results in me feeling hungover the next day…I’d regret it so much. Lets say I don’t drink a sip, I just go to talk with people…then is it so important? Well these aren’t just any people, its a bunch of people that I think are mad chill and look forward to being around.

Would I be down if I didn't have the presentation?

Probably. What if I do the presentation and I realize that I could’ve easily done this hungover! Would I regret not going? What if I end up procrastinating and wasting time during that 3+ hour slot. Oh man I’d definitely regret that. Won’t I eventually waste 3+ during this weekend at some point? Every time I miss some sort of interesting chilling, I tend to live the event vicariously through the stories I hear. I feel like I was at MTL, NAACS .etc. Thats because I know what everything will feel like. I know what it feels like to be the life of the party. I know what it feels like to feel completely out of place and awkward at a party. And there’s no way I can show up at a party for such a short time and make new good friends. Be careful of doing things that SEEM fun, when in reality they aren’t fun. Maher Manoubi. I guess my version of this quote would be “Be careful of doing things that seem important, when in reality, they aren’t.”

I don’t even get a feel like missing out when I think about not showing up to this party. But when I think about that fantastic high school bastard, I feel like shit for not getting started being a software engineer even earlier. I’m more experienced than that kid, because I’m older and I grew up in Scarborough. But who gives a shit – that kid is wayyyyyyyyy more experienced than me in something USEFUL, which is software developing. His resume kicks my resume’s ass! And that’s directly because of how he spends his free time. Learning.

If I never experienced some sort of amazing party, with amazing people in an amazing place…then yes, I should take this opportunity. But I have. I’ve done it all and more. I haven’t ever decided to stay home and create something, so that’s what I’ll do now.

UPDATE: The Next Day…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnn am I glad I didn’t go! I did a pretty decent job in my presentation. I was able to answer all their questions and my slideshow looked really nice because of the website I learned to use, and the extra time I spent doing it. I was getting a peaceful night’s rest, until Pirathap and pritesh showed up, making a bunch of noise. But its not like the disruption of sleep hindered my performance. I would have DEFINITELY hindered my performance if I went to the party though. I finished my entire discrete structures assignment yesterday, and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I felt sick, hungover or tired. Totally worth missing a hotel party which ended at like 11pm lol.


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