<Appreciation for seniors>

<kung fu panda, yoda, george, grandpa, rafiki>

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“The unexamined life is not worth living”

“Ignorance is bliss” 

“What if something bad happens when I stop praying?

“Should I live my life believing in a lie?”

“What is the meaning of life?”

IS there a meaning to life?”

The above quotes flip flop between opposite ends of the argument. But it’s the only way to come to reasonable compromise

Are we being one-sided or just clear minded

Are we being stubborn or just making a firm decision

Are we

Every character traits mentioned above, is conflicting with another character trait mentioned above. But its an important part of my personality. Being reasonable and logical is directly related with being sympathetic. Being ruled by emotion and feeling is directly related with being just pathetic. Everyone has a bias, and that’s because of the social conditioning we all go through. I am exploring a lot of concepts on this page


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