Bucket List

We wrote down our weekly goals in those big agendas with the shiny covers in grade school. Some of us have great to-do list apps on our phone for daily goals. We read our goals for the next hour during a test, and our mind even processes micro-goals whenever we are asked a question. If we have goals for even such insignificant portions of our lives, then it only makes sense to have goals that span over our entire life time.

Morgan Freeman is the one who introduced me to the idea of a bucket list, thanks to his movie. The list was original called The Brollycocks Policy, for reasons unknown, but I intend to preserve the original name.

The New Brollycocks Policy

  1. Touch a sequoia tree at Redwood National Park, CA
"Del Norte Titan", Northern California. 94 X 7 meters

“Del Norte Titan”, Northern California. 94 X 7 meters

  •  Burning Man
  •  Trampoline
  •          Go into a cave
  •  See a bentley, rolls Royce
  •  Ride a horse
  •          Skydiving
    • Bungee Jumping
  •          Be on TV
    •    Newspaper
  •          Be in a position where someone makes a wiki page for me
  •          Experience Zero Gravity
    •    Weightlessness
    •    Possibly go to outer space
  •          Master one instrument
    •    Ukulele
    •    Guitar
    •    Piano
  •          Create one of
    •    Mathematical identity
    •    Solution to a problem previously deemed impossible
    •    Discovery that advances technology (preferably to do with space exploration)
    •    A product that is very commonly used in everyday homes
  •          See a monster truck crush a car
  •          Eat caviar
  •          Take every possible mode of transportation
    •    Helicopter
    •    Jet
    •    Hot air balloon
    •    Boats/ Cruise
    •    Canoes/ Kayak
    •    Round boats

Things to buy

  •          Embody Chair (or Aeron)
  •          Fish tank I can walk on
  •          Ridiculous home theatre system (CineLoungers, if possible)
  •          A real piano

Places to go

·         Egypt

a.       Pyramids

·         Angel falls

·         Mount Everest

·         Venice

a.       Gondola

·         Cuba

a.       Rice

·         Brazil

a.       Houses

·         Rome

a.       Coliseum

·         Toronto

a.       CN Tower

·         Israel

a.       Religion Tour

b.      Jerusalem

·         Germany

a.       Drive on no speed limit highways    


United States

  • California
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco, see the bridge from Full House


·         Graduate from university

·         Become an engineer (P.Eng)

·         Get married


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