Study Break

I’m more than halfway through my study break. There are a bunch of things that

Update: Its now Friday February 22nd. 2013. I just woke up and I feel extremely motivated to make significant progress on my Java assignment. Its 10:20 am right now, and I want to finish going through my lab by 11:00am. 40 mins to do an easy ass lab.

  • I will jot down anything that can distractors here:
  • Distinguish between distractions and distractors
  • ctrl+shift+F4 = show desktop?
  • text vithurry
  • disable active window on mouse-over
  • kevin wu felt the tension in the hallway wen me and sonia walked past
  • download anki for android
  • does a fireplace use a lot of gas
  • the dummy in my calc dgd who just stated his belief about what the notation for a derivative is, when his friend had told him seconds earlier what the correct notation is.
  • take fave part from evandi unna pethan as ringtone
  • middle click mousepad ubuntu
  • add garry kasparov to the leadership thing

Okay finished the lab at 2pm.
Ate and watched a great movie. Actually I watched the greatest movie ever sold. Now it is 6:02pm, time to get started on creating a Battleship clone.

  • Nautilus
  • I’m not nearly as socially inadequate as I make it seem to Pritesh
  • Tell pratheesh that I got a another 78 on my middy
  • research a faster way to populate a matrix

That was some fantastic productivity I just had. Headphones were playing uplifting trance, drinking tea, sitting near a fireplace on lavan’s red chair, with my time scheduled over the next three hours on google calendar. Blissful productivity, I figured that I got about 32% of my assignment finished.

February 24th, 2013. 7:19pm
I just got off the rideshare and now I’m gonna go ham on this assignment. I have a leather chair, external keyboard and mouse, a laptop screen mounted directly at eye level, i7 processor with an SSD. I am not hungry, tired, anxious, stressed, or sad. I am in a perfectly great state for learning and practicing software engineering, my craft.

  • First year, first semester I remember thinking “I have respect for anyone who made to their third year of engineering”. Now that I’m almost third year, it doesn’t seem nearly as magnificent


I successfully finished the Battleship Assignment, and I got a 94. Felt like a real bodmon.capture-game


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