The only thing we really make is our bodies. We don’t actually make food. We do make skin, hair, nails, blood, muscles and shit. Lol.

It would make sense that the BODY should be the single most important thing to us. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs agrees with me, but realistically, being healthy is not a priority for the majority of people. I’d say the majority of humans either smoke, have poor eating habits, don’t exercise or at least have poor posture.

There’s a lot more to this issue than I covered in the last couple of sentences. What about the single mother working 3 jobs, to feed her kids and doesn’t have time to exercise, and the only minutes she gets to her self is when she steps out for that smooth cigarette? What about students living away from home with no cooking ability and resort to fast food to get by? Its easy to say we should all be healthy and happy, but as always, society makes that harder than it should be.

I’m busy with university, IEEE, blogging, and living away from home. I like to eat pastries, chocolate, rice and meats. I don’t exercise regularly, and I party freely. That’s my lifestyle, so this page will have body tips relative to my situation.

I’m going to figure out a few things

  • What does it mean to be healthy? Muscular?
  • What’s a realistic health goal?
  • What’s the difference between wanting to be healthy and wanting a nice body
  • How can I do this time effectively?

I’m not going to do hardcore research into these questions, but over time I’ll learn some new stuff about the human body and I’ll be sure to post it on this page.


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