A Regular Entry; St. Patty’s Eve.

Its been a while since I’ve written a high-school-Janac style entry. I’m not playing any music, maybe because I’ve been listening to the same 10 songs on repeat to improve my concentration. During an interview with Leo Babauta and Tim Ferris, Tim says that he started looping the songs because of advice he got from Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress.

I think spell checkers should know most tech-lingo.

Oh yeah, that’s what differentiates my high-school style from my new style of writing. The sporadic thought patterns; internal monologue; stream of consciousness. Starting new paragraphs for each thought that is irrelevant to the previous one.

Tomorrow is St. Patty’s day, and I’m going to go out and have a good time. I’m feeling pretty guilty, because I know I would be spending money that I don’t really have. What I mean is, I would be spending loan money, and not OSAP loans but an interest-gaining loan. But, I actually landed a job. Two jobs. Both of them are not relevant to my field, but my goal is to make money, rather than gain experience. It was the other way around, but my situation has changed quite a bit since first year. IF I got a line of credit, I would probably want to

Hold up. Why am I trying to convince myself to go tomorrow? Would I feel better if I didn’t? I know that once the night begins, and I get immersed into that party atmosphere, I will almost definitely lose any guilty feelings. All I’m trying to figure out is, whether I’m going to regret it or not. Wait, how much money am I really going to spend? Whats 20 bucks gonna do to loan which is thousands of dollars anyway? Even up to 50 bucks. Thats a small peck in the grand scheme of things. If I was making a decision of “should I go out EVERY weekend”, then there would be some logistics to take care of. But this is just ONE day, just one event, one holiday – St. Patricks day!


St. Patty’s day was a lot of fun, and I totally have no regrets of going. I was still able to get all my IEEE stuff done the next day (presentation, BB meeting, send out email about exec meeting), and the party at our place left me with a profitable experience, and improved friendships. This day lead to some awesome conversations, some interesting potentials with gyal dem, and most of all – it was something I haven’t really tried before. Belligerent to the max.


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