keep one side of the board for memorizers “no matter how hard i try, some people will hate math and only resort to memorizing shit”
derive on one side, and just plaster formula’s on the other side

anonymous inclass qeuestion asking system. sending messages using laptop or tests from phone
which are displayed on the screen.
IDEA: “kids are afraid to ask question cuz they don’t wanna look dumb”
PROBLEM: kids texting dumb shit on the board
Recording phone numbers will allow us to catch the culprits, but takes away from the fact that its anonymous

using headphones in class, which allows kids to hear teachers voice while they speak into a microphone
IDEA: by use of headphones, the kid can’t be bothered by students they are next to. also theres less
chance of kids say “what did prof just say? i couldn’t hear him”. increases how much kids get out of
the lecture

explain conventions, especially if they might differ in other courses. i.e. sqrt(-1) is ‘i’ in math, but ‘j’ in physics
because ‘i’ is current in physics.
IDEA:reduces urge to reject the profs methods

solve questions/old tests live WITH the students, instead of just writing up pre-rehearsed problems
IDEA: let the kids know that you might make mistakes, and that its good practice for them to catch those mistakes.
they get to see live what the real thought process is to solve the question
PROBLEM: lack of structure in lesson, sometimes you might not know what the answer is, this takes away from your credibility

write slowly on the board
idea:makes kids feel less stressed, and less rushed.
PROBLEM: you might not cover everything.


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