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Don’t Call Your Self A Programmer By: Patrick McKenzie

This guy’s blog is pretty damn legit. He is excellent at filtering even the most minuscule particles of bullshit out of his articles. Well, I’ve only read one so far, but his work seems promising. He’s a programmer, engineering turned business owner/consulting. Here’s what I learned from this this article.

  • Software is most often used for boring business programs
    • Optimizing shipping costs
    • Assisting accountants
  • Status is awarded to people who take the credit
  • Solving problems, writing beautiful code, “using sexy programming languages”, are not goals.
    • “Add revenue. Reduce costs. These are your goals”
  • The title programmer is not respected.
    • Expensive nerd that fixes slow computers
    • MBA’s are constantly looking for ways to fire us
  • Only a few people provide profit to a company (Profit Centers)
    • Partners at law firms
    • Sales at enterprise software companies
    • “Masters of the universe” (I lol’d at this)
  • You’re in the business of unemploying people (this line is when I decided this article is good. hence I bolded it)
  • Having GOOD <Java> experience will help get you a job, more than having mediocre abilities in many languages will.
    • Even with a programming language you don’t know
    • Having GOOD java experience means increasing revenue (not necessarily achieving something great)
  • “Control technology choices at your current job in such a manner that in advances your career interests”
    • Reading this made my heart skip a beat, because its so brilliant, and the author just said it so casually. Man, I have a lot to learn.

Prompted me to research

  • Quants are business men that use mathematical models. (This prompted me to do more research into Quants).
  • Angel investors


I just noticed the vast amount of article that I still have left to read. I will finish this summary at a later time.

It tracks expenses, it optimizes shipping costs, it assists the accounting department in preparing projection


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