Lucid Dreaming

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My First Lucid Dream

I’m curiously looking at the large paintings in the dimly lit museum. The paintings have a lot of written words in them, and they consist mostly of philosophical quotes and poems. I read one, and I thought about how it was meaningful. I decided to read it again just to make sure I understood it completely. The second time I read it, I noticed the text was changed. The words were switched around, and different words appeared, while some of the original words disappeared. Wait a minute this is impossible. This couldn’t be. This must be…a dream!

I didn’t immediately get excited and jump around, I know that would have just made it difficult to maintain my lucidity. I started walking around the museum and it had golden yellowish walls. I was encouraging myself to keep the walls up, and let the image of the museum live. As I walked along the wall of the museum, I noticed that I was passing doors, as you would in a school hallway. I realized that the number of doors I was passing was decreasing, and that the walls were starting to become smaller and joined at a point, instead of at a corner. This visual is a little difficult to describe. The walls converged to their centers in the way a fully pumped balloon would converge if you slowly poked your finger into it.

Eventually I woke up.


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