alt-tab grouper

be able to wave your phone, and it makes a design in air

detatchable laptop monitor

ctrl-z for android

android keyboard macros, shift plus a number releases a text snip
or record a macro by pressing a key combination
also have option to HOLD down a key for a certain period of time
and it will release the text snip

pizza app

small neat numbers 1 – 9 that show up beside the icons on the taskbar, when you hold the windows key (like when you press ctrl in microsoft office) (ubuntu has this)

record video on mobile, and set as video wallpaper/scren saver

live photoshop mirror
*if we can project 3D images, onto a 2D screen, we should be able to project 4D images onto *a 3D screen.
*if we can make 3D movies/pictures, perhaps using that same technology we can make virtual, *3D screen, upon which we would project 4D images.
*Computers could probably make 4D images, (i think this because we can do math in 4D, so it *should make sense for a computer to handle 4D)

web minimizier/clipper/minuser, gives you the option of “folding” a long web page, like eclipse can minimize those long blocks of code for each method

*Dynamic rooms that change layout/furniture when you sit down/stand up
infinite calculator (calculator expands its own memory/data capability to allow for theoretically infinite amount of digits)
elevators should have self immunizing buttons
-perhaps develop a metal that has a special kind of friction which does not retain germs

*hologram that produces teachers entire body image closer to the student.
*idea: “its hard to ignore someone who is RIGHT infront of you”
*-a vacuum based system, which moves particles of dust/water vapor to form shapes of *humans, while images are projected on to these particles.
*use the kinect to detect body motions, so you can interact with the hologram
*the first challenge would be to make a prototype capable of replacing
*traditional white screens/boards

“procrastination click” middle click on a link, that automatically bookmarks it and ads it to a folder called “do later” in the bookmark toolbar,
-idea: you are working on something and then in the side bar of links you see “snake eats a horse” and you want to click, so you don’t forget to do it, but you can do it later.

digital whiteboards that communicate with eachother, and update dynamically.
idea: solve problems in the kitchen, washroom, standing, sitting, on a bus, and continue wherever you started. —
-tablet style implementation, but cheaper


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