On this page you will find notes for questions such as

  • Do I really need to follow the rules, and be a lawful citizen
  • When is it okay to bend, break, or completely disregard the rules
  • Can we really measure how much punishment a person deserves
  • Why do we feel guilt, and have conscious (anthropologically speaking)
  • What criteria can I base my ethical decisions on
  • Why the hell is weed illegal

I’m generally a law abiding citizen, but I rarely make decisions because it’s the lawI know what it feels like to a bike get stolen, I know what it feels like to get punched in the face, I can imagine family members grieving the murder of a family member. These actions are against my morals, and they just happen to also be against the law.

There are cases where my morals and the law don’t agree. I don’t feel guilty downloading music, trespassing onto the roof of a building, or burning trees. I am not ignorant to the damage caused by these illegal actions, but the joy I get from these experiences outweigh any guilt.


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