I’m going to digitize my old diaries. There are a few decisions that I am still in the process of making.

Why would I publicize private information? Why not just keep it in some other cloud storage. I guess I like when people read certain entries. Usually they are most interested in the entries involving themselves, but I guess there is a natural curiosity that arises when you know you’re reading someone’s diary. It just sounds like a mischievous act.

Do I need to have all my entries in one place? Couldn’t I put up interesting ones on the blog, and dangerous ones on some other cloud storage, like mediafire/google docs/scribd/dropbox? If I’m searching for an entry, I would prefer to search just one place, and its nice to size one master collection growing and accumulating, but these preferences are not worth exposing some of my crazier entries. I think I would be okay with putting my secrets up, given that I have very little secrets anyway, the issue is that I have entries that deal with other people’s secrets.

Should I even bother with digitizing? That’s a fair amount of work, is it time well spent? Digitizing gives me a chance to re-read all the shit I wrote. Having a physical copy of dangerous entries is a potential risk of leaking information. Finding my notebook is easier than hacking a 128-bit encrypted password protected docx file. After digitize, I would destroy the original medians. If I want to skip the work, I could scan it and then run an OCR.




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