We get completely immersed in an entirely fictional universe filled with new characters, places and stories, every night. From the comfort of our beds.

It is amazing how we can produce universes so realistic, that we’re able to fool ourselves. We <strong>believe</strong> the events that happen in our dreams, no matter how ridiculous or illogical they may be. I was always fascinated by this fact, but then I found out about something even more exciting.

Lucid Dreaming.

Being able to <em>control </em>a mechanism with endless possibilities, such as eliminating the laws of physics, spontaneously creating items and beings at will, traveling to any place in the universe instantly, sounds like a fun time to me. Whats the limit of our imagination? There really is no physical limit at all. Doesn’t that sound fucking incredible?

And yet there are some people that don’t give there dreams a second thought. I’ve heard of people that wish they never had dreams, because their annoying. People that are annoyed when hearing about others dreams. People don’t give a shit about this phenomenon because it doesn’t pose any immediate benefit, and its such a common occurrence.

But I think if they actually knew about lucid dreaming and the opportunities it poses us, more people would be excited about going to sleep lol.Writing down your dreams is the first step to becoming a lucid dreamer, so that’s going to be what this page is about. An archive of all the dreams I have, and an analysis of what they mean. I’ll also add some posts about things I learn along the way, as I learn more and more about lucid dreaming.

Thirst of Night

The beginning of the dream is blurry; something about being in a car with friends. Anyway I remember using a flashlight Thiviyakka bought me a flashlight the day before this dream. to find someones toy-sized child in a place which had a terrain similar to:

This place was very small and could not have possible kept a child hidden, which is why it was implied that the child was toy-sized. This was about 15ft long and 4 ft wide. To the left of this terrain was a bunch of life-sized women washing dishes in a kitchen. I remember something about trying to impress a girl, which annoyed the crap out of me.


We beat up some guy, and then I ignored his friend who kept saying “never again”


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