The look on peoples faces when they hear the noise of me smashing a piece of glass into the ground, is what I find myself imagining when I get angry. Some sort of crazy stunt, that will generate enough shock and fear to override my anger with a feeling of power. There would be silence after the stunt, and I would be in charge of the situation. The next day people would say “Holy shit, I’ve never seen that guy get so mad”, and they would think twice before pushing my buttons ever again.

This is the kind of thinking which leads to all sorts of violence, and if you can notice the trend in the above paragraph, it all boils down to wanting attention. The type of attention differs from situation to situation. Revenge, vengeance, respect, closure, acknowledgement, awe, .etc. There’s something demeaning about the sentence “He’s just doing it to get some attention”. I will explain this in further detail later, but the point is that I don’t want to deal with my anger in a shitty way.

Anger can actually be a powerful driving force for great deeds. Martin Luther King was obviously angry about racism and that led to him making a huge impact on society, and leaving an ever-lasting change. Yea he’s a drastic example, but in my own experiences, my anger allowed me to gain the respect of my English teacher <HYPERLINK HERE>. To me this idea wasn’t obvious, and I first learned it from this book Surviving the Roller Coaster: A Teen’s Guide. This book was fantastic for someone like me who is trying to learn how to deal with emotions and shit.

On this page, you will find information about

  • What is anger/stress, and how to deal with it
  • Times I’ve been extremely pissed off/stressed out
  • Links to other articles

<Times I’ve snapped>


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