Ah Psychology. Alluring because of how interesting it is, but dangerous because of how poor the job prospect is after graduation. I was at a serious crossroads when I was trying to decide between Engineering and Psychology. As of right now, I’m happy I took Engineering, but I wonder if I will still be happy about my decision 10 years from now.

It only makes sense to me that one would be interested in psychology, because everyone is interested in themselves. The study of the mind. Why we do the things we do. Learning, cognitive ability, desires, dreams, sub/conscious, explaining things that don’t have an exact answer like math does. I’m fine with that. I’m up for the challenge of trying to get as close as possible to a moving target. Some people can’t handle that level of creativity and thinking, so they limit themselves to mathematics. In reality, there is psychology within mathematics. Mathematics is the study of abstract relations. That’s as far from physical as possible; mathematics happens purely in our minds. So does psychology.



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