February 2nd

I woke up at 9 and now its 2. What did I do for the last 5 hours?

I woke up to the noise of Pritesh going in and out of the washroom this morning. I decided that the first thing I would do when I wake up, is run 16 flights of stairs. So I did. A shower is mandatory after running 16 flights but it didn’t tire me out. My energy levels are still quite good and I don’t feel drained or anything. I had some miniscule¹ headache and nausea, but it was all quickly diminished by food and water. Started day with exercise and a shower.3

I talked to myself in the shower and had a few realization, none of which I remember at the moment though. I remember asking myself whether I feel that I should pursue psychology since theories about the topic come so natural to me. Then I thought about how Kiru has opinions of psychology and that doesn’t mean that he should go on to become a psychology. I decided that contribution to the field of technology would make me feel happier compared to contributions to the field of social sciences. This wasn’t any more of waste of time than a quiet shower would’ve been. In fact it was probably a better use of time.

I ate, watched Louie, did laundry, opened up this blog so I could use it as a pensieve, but I got distracted by a turtle which survived in an attic for 30 years which lead me to reading about the real life Barbie and Ken and then about a person wearing a burqa/niqab throwing acid at a black girl and then it became 12pm. Was there any benefit to reading these stupid news articles?4

At this point I decided to get RescueTime back. I wonder if the process took longer because I had to type out stuff into the terminal, or if it was quicker because I didn’t have to click through an installation screen, carefully unchecking all of the bloatware that would probably be bundled in. There was something about editing a python file, but every time I typed the letter s, It kept inputting the date. This was because I must’ve messed up something in AutoKey. I fixed that and some other stuff. I noticed my laptop screen was really dirty, so I cleaned it. It looks so nice and glossy now. I noticed my keyboard was dirty, but I didn’t want to turn off my laptop cuz some nice music was playing. I decided I would figure out how to disable the laptop keyboard on Ubuntu. Man this one is tough. I learned a bit more about AutoKey, which will save me time in the future, and I really had to clean my laptop.

I feel like that whole above paragraph was a bunch of recursive² method calls.
downloadRescueTime()→fixAutoKey()→clrscr() →disableKeyboard()

And then I wrote this article.

1 Apparently miniscule is more commonly spelled as minuscule, but both are accepted.
² Okay not exactly recursive. Just a bunch of methods that require other methods to finish. Like a method stack.
3 I’m trying to figure out if the way you start your day, will dictate the rest of your day.
4 Turtle was no benefit to me. Real life Barbie got mentioned in a conversation with Pritesh, but there are way better things to talk about. The niqab throwing acid…this is a valid argument from the people who want to ban niqabs. OR it could have been done as an attempt to make Muslim’s look bad. OR the black girl may have been harassing the niqab wearing person, and deserved it.

February 9th 2013

Its time for….Waste or not Waste!

  • Woke up at 8am, brushed teeth and immediately started blogging. I resisted the temptations to check out SnapChat which popped up on my Blogs You’re Following. 

Survey Says: Not Waste!

  • Cleaned up blog, learned how to insert superscripts into wordpress/html, read and commented on last Saturday’s post.

Survey Says: I don’t know!

Is writing in this blog for an hour a better use of time than writing an essay for an hour?

  • 9:30 – 10:39: Read Louis CK’s Reddit, which was pretty amazing. Man he is just such an honest guy, its awesome. He worked his ass off to get where he is now, and didn’t make it big until he turned 43! I always feel like if I don’t make it by the time I’m 30, I’m never gonna make it – but he’s living proof of the opposite!

Survey Says: Waste!

I couldn’t care LESS about celebrity news. It blows my mind that people actually give a shit about Brangelina and celebrity marriages. The few celebrities who I’m interested in learning more about, would be Dave Chappelle, George Carlin and now Louis CK. I do find Louis to be inspirational, like his raw honesty is very sobering. So was it really a waste of time to get to know him better? Well not exactly a WASTE of time, but it was poor time management. You have an essay and a midterm in a few days, so you should be prioritizing those things. Right now is morning, you are wide awake and alert – you should be using your peak brain hours for difficult tasks, not for reading about your fave comedian.

2:54 pm. Its been 4 hours and 15 minutes. I got 162 words down for the introduction for my essay. I ate, and watched the Louie season finale, man it was bitter sweet; left me with a sigh. I decided that I’d need to send out an email to the exec asking about

4:27 pm. No progress on essay. Had a conversation with Pritesh which was initiated by me, inspired by an email from Prezi. Damn those brilliant bastards make such entertaining and useful presentation software. And its all online too!

6:20 pm No progress. Holy hell this is the worst productivity I’ve had all semester. I enjoy the fact that it sounds like I’m saying “I’ve been productive for 99% of the semester!” which is not true. I have improved though, I’m not exactly behind in any of my classes. I am also taking a much lighter load than last semester, but productivity is productivity. Okay let me at least do ONE paragraph, so that the next time I write on here, I don’t have to say “No progress”.


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