my inner nerd

Documenting Student Productivity is too bold of a title for what the content is. Its not like I did a survey of a 1000 students, and monitored there productivity for a week. I’m really just writing down my distracting thoughts, and reporting how my productivity is going. I think the reason why I chose such a broad title, is because my thoughts tend to span over such a broad variety of topics. How could I pick a title which is interesting, but not specific?


Windows 8 it taking up most of my procrastination time. Its just very fun for me to personalize and customize my operating system. New software, new technology, new hardware (my SSD), really brings out the inner nerd within me. That nerd has been put through some scrutiny, but its my actual essence. I am a computer guy. I love technology, because it’s the frontier of human evolution. Nothing is progressing us as a species more than technology is. I wonder if software makes more of an impact than hardware? Was it Facebook and Youtube, or smartphones and tablets, that caused the largest changes among the new generation.


I feel like I used a bit of higher quality English in that last paragraph, which has motivated me to get started on my report.


One page of notes, autoplaylist updated, emails all answered, page 4 of 21.


Page 5. Maybe I should create a door for my room. I don’t like how its still relatively easy for anyone to walk into my room.


6 Pages to go. Finished eating. Conversation with pritesh, parents, Acorn Stairlifts. Changed curtains. Moved Albert Eintstein. Took a semi-nap.

UPDATE: I stopped doing this. Instead, I fill out how I spent my time on google calendar.


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