This blog is by Janac Meenachisundaram.


  • The vast randomness. Think of it like a mediocre player throwing a million darts, versus a skilled player throwing just one dart. Something I write might just strike you as interesting.
  • This blog could take a huge turn, and become something enormous. You will be part of the crowd that says “Hey! I knew about 7anac before it got huge”
  • You don’t have enough bookmarks
  • You have too many bookmarks, and are someone who likes to collect bookmarks for the sake of having a lot of them.
  • It only takes a second on Firefox, two seconds on chrome, and a mere 40 seconds on internet explorer.

DISCLAIMER: Any characters/names found in posts are probably based on real people, but I used fake names to avoid beef. And to avoid them from googling their own name and finding this blog.


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