How I Spent My Summer: 2013

Thivya Nagamuthu asked me how I spent my summer, so I sent her a link to last year’s post. Her positive feedback inspired me to do a similar post this year! I’m starting late (Its may 18 today), so it won’t be as complete as last year. Also I have a full time job, so I don’t think my list will be nearly as varied as last year.

How I Spent My Summer: 2013

  • Social Events
    • Last-minute birthday party, courtesy of Pritesh
    • Thiru’s House party
    • Cottage Trip with 613 Crew
      • Wakefield, QC
    • Vanathi’s Wedding
      • Practiced the dance
      • Ponnoruku
      • Mehendi Party
      • Drove to get a blouse, give an iyer a cloth, buy mithiveddies and
      • Thalapah Shopping
      • Played Mortal Kombat with Bavajith
      • Got a suit from moores
      • Reception!
    • Andrew Haydon Park
    • Chilled with
      • Adnan
      • Mark
      • SASS (see restaurants)
      • Bava
      • Giri, Shayan, Dhruvi, Darshan
      • Samira, IEEE
  • Productive Events
    • Started work at SASS-IT on May 1st
    • Applied and received OSAP
    • Organized Sponsorships for Battle Royale (Got 1000$!)
    • Cleaned up apartment
    • Set up Tophat Monocle
    • Called Fido
    • Set up RBC Virtual Visa
    • Researched
      • Wacom Tablets
    • Confirmed that I had to live in the living room
    • Decided to not deal with PJ tab
    • Fixed Bava’s laptop
  • Me Time
    • Changed ring size
    • Decided to grow hair
    • Got a haircut
  • Watched
    • Dum Dum Dum
    • Bill Burr
    • Conan O’Brien
  • Restaurants
    • Lonestar
    • Freshi
    • Marble Slab
    • Feleena’s
    • Agave Grill
    • Bangkok Thai Garden
    • Nando’s
    • Castle Shawarma
    • Caddy’s
    • Gabrielle Buffet
    • Yang Ming Buffet
    • Tutti Fruity
    • Casey’s
    • The Works
  • Computing
    • Installed Linux Mint
    • Tried Opera
    • Checked out Scriptogram, and tried to use Markdown with WordPress
  • Studied
    • Dropped stats
    • ECO Study sessions with Giri, Shayan, and Sahana
    • Passed formal languages
    • B average while working full time


Bunch of crap I collected

Bunch of crap I collected

I didn’t fill out completely from memory – I used my online bank statements and I took a look at the crossed off items on my Wunderlist. This summer was more of a developmental summer for me than a relaxing/fun one. I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of this summer, because of relationships and employment. I say this because my opinions on certain issues have drastically changed, and I feel like I have insight and wisdom that I didn’t have just 4 months prior. High highs and low lows. All things considered, it was a pretty great summer.


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