Gaming Asylum

I have been looking for an escape. My life is going fine, and interesting events occur often enough, but I’ve been craving the feeling of getting lost in an alternate dimension. I’m also looking for a fun D1 activity. After playing Gone Home, (recommendation by Adnan), I became more open to trying out indie and low-budget games. I am sticking to games with a lot of seeders on The Pirate Bay, and got great ratings on meta-critic so I decided to check it out.I like these smaller games because I can actually complete them and move on with life. Unlike Skyrim which turned me into a anti-social recluse. Anyway, here are my thoughts on my gaming experiments:


The Wolf Among Us: This game definitely has fantastic direction and screen play. Feels more like a movie than a game, however. I had set out looking for an RPG and this was getting pretty close to exactly what I wanted, but was very short-lived and didn’t have enough interaction. But for its genre of game, definitely had a great balance of all gaming elements: visuals, excitement, story, character development, learning curve – everything had a great balance. I’m looking for something more action driven, so this is not the gaming escape I’m looking for. I definitely recommend checking this game out however, extremely creative and even made me LOL at some points.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This game is revolutionary. Definitely a unique experiences, primarily due to the fact that you control two characters at the same time. This was a game that I did no research other than seeing that it got good ratings. The controls were annoyingly confusing sometimes, but other times gave me an immense sense of satisfaction. This game has rich imagery and some exciting moments. It is interactive and generates feeling. The music was really good too. “Being the connective tissue” between the two brothers is a rare role for a gamer to play. Plenty of adventure and intriguing puzzles, but not enough action. Definitely a well made game, but I’m looking for something with more violence and open-worldness.

Maybe I should stop playing games just because of a high rating/demand. I still have a few more high ranking games left to try, and if they don’t deliver then I’ll give the underdogs a chance.

Papers Please

I didn’t plan on playing any games which didn’t have nice 3D graphics, because how else would I get that elusive feeling of escape? I played this game for 5 minutes and I was not impressed. I was waiting for something interesting to happen, but nothing did. So I minimized the game and searched up reviews – it got stellar ratings. I was utterly confused, but then Wikipedia claimed the following:

Papers, Please has been praised for the sense of immersion provided by the game mechanics, and the intense emotional reaction

I know what immersion is, but I’ve never researched virtual-reality induced immersion. Again from wiki:

…being surrounded in an engrossing environment; often artificial, creates a perception of Presence in a non-physical world. The greater the suspension of disbelief, the greater the degree of Presence achieved.

Immersion is exactly what I’m looking for! To get lost in the get, to become one with the characters and the art and the story and the game-world. After reading the wiki I immediately gave Papers Please another chance. I’ve been playing for an hour now and its starting to grow on me…

After beating the game twice…

This game definitely got better the second time around, and apparently there are 20 different endings. I’m starting to think that I got champagned by the Elder Scrolls series. What if nothing else can really give me THAT level of immersion. I’m going to keep Papers Please on my computer since it is more or less a relaxing gaming (but exciting when certain twists come up) and its only 30mb.

The Stanley Parable


This game had nice visuals, made me LOL for real, and taught some interesting lessons. I’ve never played a game like this one before, and it was definitely trippy at times (in a good way). I beat the game a few times, and played out 4 or 5 different endings. Apparently there are over 10 different endings, but I didn’t get that far. I kept playing the game in hopes that it would get addictive, but it never did. After a while, I just read what the other endings were and I wasn’t too interested in seeing them. Don’t get me wrong, definitely a clever and interesting game – but it just didn’t have a lasting story. The story starts of very engaging, but then ends so quickly each time that I don’t get any chance to get involved in the plot.





borderlands 1

Borderlands 2

Awesome visuals

borderlands 2

Memorable Characters

borderlands 3

…and lots of guns.

I have been playing the shit out of this game. Soooo many different guns, level ups and skill trees – thats the kind of stuff I want! Interesting characters, exciting story, crazy graphics, jokes that actually me me laugh – and ACTION. So much shooting and blowing shit up. I didn’t know that I loved sniping peoples heads off so much, until this game.

My ideal gaming asylum:

  • Open world/quests
  • Customizable character

  • Barter system/money
  • Some amount of violence
  • Experience points/unlockable items
  • Vehicles and weapons
  • Moments of positive and bright atmosphere
  • Nothing too scary/shocking or gory
  • Easy to follow, yet engaging story
  • Detailed 3D graphics
  • Achievements
  • Long play-through time, but has a definitive ending
  • Creative direction and plot elements that leave you wanting more
  • Creates a sense of addiction, I want to crave the game. Or at least be looking forward to playing it
  • Teaches me a lesson

There are some rare moments where I feel like I’ve worked hard throughout the week, and I’ve partied, or had some social life and all I want to do is sit down and enjoy some me time. For moments like that, it sucks when I don’t have that go-to game. Maybe I’ll start code for fun, or read novels. I’ll do that once I finish Borderlands 2. Till then, catcha rideeeeeeeeeeeee!


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