A dream where I was relieved to wake up

So me and two other friends got into a vehicle on a bright sunny day with some white guy driving. The guy driving was trying to convince us to pay him thousands of dollars so that we can all go to space. I was hesitant because it sounded like a scam to me. I started thinking that he would just take us out of space and then make us slaves or something. Eventually he acknowledged that all of us agreed and the vehicle had started changing into a spaceship. Night time came and we all began to fall asleep on the ship. I decided that I would just go home in the morning and not come back. I wouldn’t answer anyone’s calls or texts, and I would hide out in Adnan’s house. I would wear a mask and unmarked clothes on my route way to his house. I knew that people would be watching and following me, so I was just trying to take extra precautions.

I woke up on the spaceship, and to my terror – we had already taken off! I started imagining the feeling of my stomach going queasy from weightlessness! I started tripping out and realizing my inevitable doom. Then, I woke up. Relieved.


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