50 Tasks in 5 days

50 Tasks in 5 days

I’m gonna be in Ottawa, from Monday to Friday, with no school, no work, no childhood friends, no obligations, no girlfriend. Here’s a list of tasks I that I thought of while studying.

  1. Post a video of Braveheart saying FREEEEDOMM
  2. Get my secret Santa a gift
  3. Figure out how re-taking a course works
  4. Figure out OSAP
  5. Fix up curtain
  6. Clean laptop
  7. Spar with punching bag
  8. Replace bank card
  9. Get all textbooks
  10. Check out computer.org for books
  11. Make a “Best Advice from Barney” video
  12. Meetups (atheism, meditation)
  13. Research about silent retreats
  14. Atheist argument master list (blog)
  15. Health benefits of that banana nut muxamil.
  16. Casio tricks
  17. Gov interview question list
  18. Phone apps
  19. Project Euler
  20. China IL 1, boom boom yeah
  21. Shirley moats
  22. how does bail work
  23. Change fido name from vanthi to janac
  24. Email dan and tell him i got turcotte
  25. march of dime
  26. all mail
  27. office tab upgrade (add to donate list?)
  28. stock market
  29. Rideau eye exam
  30. upload vizhakku eethatum
  31. y-generation
  32. syn thunderbird with lightning google calendar
  33. Entrepreneur Enterprise? (add to list of word similarities)
  34. loud yawners?
  35. TODO fence
  36. take pix for family
  37. email DX
  38. how far does the power towers go
  39. learn matlab
  40. move bed, remove drawer
  41. how do zip archvies work?
  42. Torchlight II 
  43. why don’t people like fox newsbias favoring the political right and the Republican Party
  44. advertise km player
  45. Determinants
  46. when im with you jazz, tried and failed
  47. Skyrim
  48. lemonade tycoon
  49. train game
  50. g-suit, how many G’s
  51. human genome project
  52. Why should I know about history
  53. gas 20°
  54. movie where a boy try to cure his friend of aids by boiling a flower.
  55. Dion leg
  56. read about Alfred Nobel, and the nobel prizes
  57. How does CAA work
  58. research about introverts
  59. kratom
  60. DGF article, Pot of gold akon “regardless of whose around”
  61. “move to location in clipboard” app
  62. youngest memories (doneil water arm disease, imran crying, ms service telling me about concrete self-esteem)




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