Growing My Hair

A few months ago…

I read this article titled “A Letter to My Younger Self” and it was pretty interesting, though not very relevant to me because I’m not a body builder. But one of the lines was

First, don’t cut your hair. Ever. Let that mop grow no matter what Dad says. You’re going to lose it, so enjoy it while you can.

This advice makes perfect sense.

I was on netflix, and I wanted to stop watching “brainless” shows so I decided to watched a documentary on masculinity. It focused more on male-grooming, where I was hoping for more information about what it means to be a man [NOTE TO SELF: future blog topic]. Anyway, a lot of the documentary was dedicated towards the problems that men have with balding. After undergoing various types of treatments, the joyous reaction of men who got their hair back, felt like they got their masculinity back.

I take my hair for granted. I never really thought about hair. I mean, I think about hair-cuts, and I always shampoo + condition, but I was never very obsessed over my hair. I’ve lived most of my life, with uncombed hair on my head.

One day I’m going to lose it. One day I’ll be bald, and unable to grow hair as thick and quickly as I can now. Actually it’ll probably stop growing completely. I don’t want to look back and think “man I should’ve at least grown my hair long once when I was a kid”. I wanna have some sort of ID with a ridiculously long hippie-ish hairstyle that my kids can see and laugh at.

Present day…

Fuck it. I was able to not give up for a while, and I can even push through if I really want to. I could call out DGF!!!!!! and walk into an interview with a birds nest on my head. But what will I have achieved, if the long hair doesn’t look better than the short hair? People grow their hair because they naturally just wanted to. But to me, its like a chore. I hate how long it takes to dry my hair, and how much time I have to spend in the shower, and how it can get itchy, and how its annoying to sleep on, and more than anything – it looks terrible while growing. I’m still only in the beginner stages, and there has been a number of times I’ve wished I had a haircut. I actually went to my CSEC interview with messy hair, spent New Years @ Niagara with a mop on my head,  and now CUSEC is tomorrow. I think I’m gonna just go to Ancur today and get a nice neat haircut.


The end result is not worth the process of growing it


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