Computer Engineering vs Software Engineering

Conclusion: I’m going to end up in a job developing software, so I might as well pick the degree that will best prepare me for the job. Especially since I enjoy coding as much as more than hardware logic.

———————-Below you will find the long process it took me to decide——————–

This is a decision that I have been wrestling with for over a year now. I decided to strikeout degree options like psychology, social work, and non-technology based engineerings (mechanical, civil .etc).  I never once considered business, history, english, bio, or anything medical. Now I’ve come down to just two, similar options. Computer engineering or software engineering.

The italicized text below, is me reflecting on my answer.

Advice: “Just pick whatever you like the most”

I love it all. But there’s gotta be one that stands out from the rest.

Advice: “If you could just magically have one degree, which would it be?” or “If money was no object, what would you pick”.

This is not the case though. Money is an object. Well, having a steady career is paramount to feeling settled in life. Taking on the masculine role of the provider, and honestly just being able to enjoy the pleasures that only money can buy. There are times when I find materialistic people to be brainless, akin to sheep. But if someone told me that I could get paid 60k or 100k, I would think that amount of money is the difference between being able to take my family on a trip to Australia vs watching it on youtube.  Wait, wait, wait. You are assuming that you will get a fantastic high-salary job by pick software, and you will be poor as shit if you pick computer engineering. You are over exaggerating the difference in lifestyle for each profession. What is really causing your ambivalence?

Software Engineering

  • Significantly better job market
  • Will have a bet

Before I finished writing the last bullet point, I was interrupted by one of my friends, Wadie, who I hadn’t seen since before the Christmas break. We talked for a bit, and he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was switching from CEG to SEG. I told him this with confidence, as if I had already decided. I guess my subconscious had decided for me.

Events that led up to my decision:

  • IEEE networking events. Most of the companies were software companies, with a significantly small number of CEG companies like Cisco and ROSS video.
  • Just looking around. Where do I see the biggest changes? Are new processors being DEMANDED for by the public, or is having better apps, more games, more tools to create animation, more software being demanded? The last hardware breakthrough I can think of, was the huge increase in touch-screen devices. But when compared to the huge cultural effect Facebook is having on the way humans communicate…
  • Timothy Lethbridge and Marcel Turcotte say “So some of you are in ELG, CEG, SEG, CSI? Doesn’t matter, you will all end up developing software”

Results after switching

  • Jeezam am I glad I switched. My life feels more focused! I feel more inclined to become totally invested in becoming a better programmer, whereas with CEG I felt I had to become a better everything (programmer, designer, low-level engineer, HDL, .etc). Now I don’t have to worry about becoming a jack of all trades but a master of none.


Screenshot from 2013-03-13 21:51:06


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