Its Christmas and I’m in a mall. I’m walking past a bunch of stores and none really are catching my attention. Then I see this one depressed looking store clerk sitting behind a desk underneath a big sign that reads The Source. The store clerk is actually the owner of the store and he looks depressed because he is going bankrupt. I can tell, because I saw a bunch of paintings and art work on the shelves instead of electronics (somehow this made it clear to me that business was not prosperous).

Then something interesting happened.

I see an old man in a wheel chair, staring at a bookshelf, just across from the paintings. I walked over to him and points at a book and says “Ah, that was my favorite book…”. He was my grandfather, Selliah Kathiravelu. I grab the book for him, the title says “Blades of Glory”. I put the book down on a table in the middle of the store, and I ask him again “This is your favourite book?”. The font looked like

This kind of font. Really computerized and not modern looking at all.

A big “$7” was written in black ink on the top left corner. I went over to the store clerk and held out a $10 bill. He said “That will be $20.00 please.” I said “it says $7”.
“that was just a coincidence”

“Fine I’ll give you $8”

“No it costs 20”

“Okay, I just wont buy (starts walking away)”

“Alright, alright, I’ll give it to you for 8.”

I go back to my grandfather who was quietly waiting at the table, minding his own business.

G – “I’m happy you bought it, but what will I do with it?”

J -“You can give it”.

G- “What do you mean”

J – (Starts crying, without tears tho) “You can give it to us”

G – ?

J – (Trying to hold back tears) “I’m going to get this book wrapped, and I’m going to write From Grandpa on it”

And the dream ended.

I think I was crying because I knew that because he was in a wheel chair and in real life he had a stroke and can barely talk or move, he would never be able to give us gifts like he used to. My most vivid memories of grandpa were

  • during the christmas parties.
  • I fell down and he tripppppppppeed out and was soo worried that I got hurt.
  • The time he was playing billiards on yahoo games and his opponent wrote “goooooooooooo” and he read it out aloud and laughed
  • The time I was standing behind him just watching him use the computer for like 20 mins, and he got annoyed and said go do something else!
  • The day of his stroke, I’m pretty sure he was drinking Cutty Sark. Me and grandma put socks on him when he went to sleep.
  • The day before his stroke. He was trying to make a chair or something and was missing the right power-tool. I told him that I would buy it for him and we would finish making the chair. We never did.

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