Music and Studying


  • White noise
  • Improves mood, energy
  • Organize music library
  • Concentration espresso when you stop the music for a second


  • Search up salary
  • Search up lyrics
  • Search up more songs
  • Search up video
  • Distracted by lyrics, lyrics might inspire a thought spiral

Questions and Observations

  • Will playing music too quietly be more or be less distracting
    • Will my brain start straining my ears to try to hear the music?
    • Or will my brain just dismiss it as white noise.
  • Do certain types of music help?
  • If there are no other noises, and I have the hum of the highway as a white noise, do I really need any music?
  • Many short songs is more distracting than a few long songs. More memories are triggered, which natural distract me.
  • If it’s the lyrics that really distract me, then why not listen to instrumentals, or songs of different language
  • Why don’t I just start the music when it gets too quiet, or there are external noises, and stop the music immediately when I notice that I am being distracted.
  • After a month of listening to music while playing Kiko Match II   I decided to try playing without music today, and I got a new best personal high score. 546 points, vs an average of 250 points. That’s over double.


I guess I want to be able to listen to music and study at the same time, since I love music so much. But there is a time a place for everything, and the types of music I know about at the moment, all distract me. This does not apply to non-brain intensive activities.

Specific Examples


  • Can You Believe It – Styles P
    • A rap song with lyrics so shitty that I really only notice the chorus. Excellent productivity.
  • I’m Goin In – Drake
    • His voice is grabs my attention, because its so clear and easy to understand, but most of his mixtape tracks are not emotionally powerful enough to keep me distracted. – Moderate Productivity
  • Lovers – Labi Siffre
    • Excellent Productivity
  • Jo jo – Anand Yankaran
    • Started dancing, no productivity
  • Four Seasons – Vivaldi
    • Started remember the luxurious, royal red carpets of Megaman Legends 2
    • Also started moving my head in rhythm with the violin
    • poor productivity

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