Me with email is like a female in a mall

I just woke up, making coffee at the moment.
Listening to Peter Bjørn John.
Finished making coffee.
I’m playing it safe.
Study for 2136 A.
I want to have lots of productivity.
I will study for many many hours long.
I want to learn this stuff because its important.

GO 9:37

9:52, It’s the US elections, and I answered a question on Quora about who wold win. I said Romney, since he has the vote of the big businesses (i.e. Donald Trump), and the vote of people afraid of change (gay marriage).

I went on gmail to get the attachments from Rana, but then I got totally side-tracked into going onto Quora. Quora is dangerous because it’s the kind of distraction which can be so easily justified. I’m learning. Yes, I could potentially learn something awesome on that site, but its about priorities. I don’t need to know how to evade taxes just yet, but it could be very useful information later in life.

I decided to just book mark that website and come back to it later. But then I remember that I may have already bookmarked it, so I started searching up a duplicate bookmark checker. At the end, I found out that I already had one, Xmarks.
And Now its 10:09PM.

I could have saved half an hour if I didn’t check my email. 

I know I need to just check that one email, get the attachments, and leave. But instead, I try to answer some other emails, or delete some, or sometimes an email like one from Quora will throw me into a procrastination spiral.


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