Chaotic Thought Spiral: Example 1

Thought spiral 1

  • Without a door, I can always hear all of the little noises in the house, from the washroom, from the kitchen, from the neighbours .etc.
  • Sami’s room door slides open, instead of opening wide on a hinge. I think hinges would be cheaper, but they needed a sliding door to save space.
  • Houses in downtown kinda suck, I miss nice houses
  • It would be so damn expensive to have a nice house downtown, that’s why condo’s are so popular
  • My parents could really use the money we’d get from renting out the basement
  • My new house needs a separate entrance
  • Vanathi said it would be uncomfortable to share an entrance with a stranger.
  • Well we’d just have to tolerate it until we raise enough money for an entrance
  • Fuck what am I doing, I need to focus on Current Division

Thought Spiral 2

  • Phone rang
  • I remember my phone rang during class
  • What kind of ring tone would make me seem cool
  • Camp Lo – Black Hollywood?
  • Nah something more dark, like Yonkers!
  • I’m gonna add yonkers to my ringtone list in mediamonkey
  • Image
    Chaos Theory

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