Petals Around the Rose

Red Barch Music from

Reminds me of Sciall, fizayo, puzzle solving, something about the music is so motivational. the rewarding feeling of actually downloading and having this song <Make a youtube video>. First it was about just solving this seemingly impossible puzzle. After a few hours of trying, and failing during class, I went home and kept on trying. I refused to hear the answer which Fizayo and Evan Tzagadouris already had. After excavating the immense creative brain power I had hidden in the abyss of my cerebellum, I finally found the solution. I entered the correct numbers over and over again, to make sure that my pattern was flawless. It was.

The happiness I got at that moment had been stitched together with this song. Red Barch. I needed to have it downloaded. I had gone through a lengthy list of ways to extract the song from the website, but eventually I found a way to download the .midi file and then convert it to an mp3.


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