Pensieve Test

I just woke up, made coffee and opened up the lappy toppy. Before I get started with calculus, I decided to just have this post open, so I can use it as a Pensieve. I’m not sure how different this would be from a Documenting Student Productivity post, but I’m gonna try it anyway.

Janac Meenachisundaram will productively study calculus, and successfully absorb concepts at a high rate of comprehension and speed. Also he will feel very motivated because he genuinely finds joy in solving calculus problems, and realizes there are many benefits to being good at math. CALC 3 STARTS….NOW!

  • Leibniz = Lebanese or Libe-nitz
  • I really like this one pic of me on facebook, i wanna save it 10 39
  • 10:53, im back. 13 mins aint so bad right?
  • Thoughts about wave yuh flag
  • Gotta pay rent, pay bills
  • I should’ve took a tylenol during wasaga, instead of being annoyed by the chest pain
  • Oh man i just had a calculus brain blast
    • If someone asks “whats something that can be called unimaginable”, I’d say a 4D object
  • Complaining about being in the living room
    • D.Chappelle “I’m smokin weed to get away from my own problems, not to take on yours!”

Today has been the most productive day of the semester so far. I successfully was able to maintain my focus and motivation for atleast 80% of the whole day (so far, its 4:38 pm). I’m at that level of concentration where I’m past the self-control/motivation/focus/distraction phase, and I’m now i’m entering the efficiency/prioritizing/time-management phase. The higher levels of the branch of productivity.

What caused this?

I drank a good amount of coffee, I didn’t have breakfast right away. My textbook was the first thing I opened up on my laptop. Followed shortly by the Pensieve. My desk is facing the window. Natural lighting. My foot was warm on the heater. I had at least 8 hours of sleep. No shower, no face wash, just brush teeth. No music, I always spend way too much time picking the right song. Small chair, no arm support, great lumbar support. Hard seat. I knew where everything was, pencil/paper/pen/book, didn’t waste any time looking for stuff.

Well, it doesn’t look like I did anything too special. Except for that written affirmation. Hm. I wonder.


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