Documenting Student Productivity

I create a lot of my own distractions, and I know that’s not a unique character trait. I also invent creative ways to deal with them.

(Irrelevant note: I’m always surprised when I don’t use “an” before a word that starts with a vowel, like “an unique”

I’ve decided to compile a list of ways I get distracted/become unproductive, along with a list of ways to deal with it.

  • Getting lost in your own thoughts
    • If you can catch yourself in the process of just sitting there, thinking about something, acknowledge that you’re wasting time, and consciously decide to take a deep breath and get back to whats important
    • If its something simple like “Crap, I gotta remember to buy milk”, write it down. This relieves you of the anxiety of having to remember something. I use this for unimportant things too, like “Crap, I gotta listen to Cruel Summer”
    • If its something emotional, like you keep thinking about an angry moment you had in the past, then I write down something lengthy in a journal/blog. Sort of like clearing it off your chest. I often find that this is quicker than talking it out with a friend (though sometimes the latter is more effective).

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