ANED: Madness Instrumental

Oct 3rd/2009

Waiting at York Mills station. I love that instrumental Imran sent me. Its called Madness, and its from a video on the Internet I just found out that the word Internet is supposed to be capitalized! which is about a cartoon³ characteter using every kind of fighting technique and weapon you can think of. I’m on the Go-Bus now. Originally. I pulled out the N.E.D¹ for writing down lyrics to the instrumental of Madness². I’m doing citations like in the Bartimaeus trilogy. That is a long fucking book. I just swore, and you’d think that would go against the fact that this is a a non-explicit diary but don’t forget, PG-13 movies generally have swears and profanity. My plan is to rap really fast like Bone-Thug-Harmony or Twista maybe even in the style of mystikal.

1 Ned is non-explict diary

2 Madness 4a, there are various parts to it

3 Flash animation video, two dimensional


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