ANED: Emoticons, Keke


I guess I was wrong about the date, its Oct 4th, according to my Go Bus ticket. When you are put through pain, don’t you become stronger afterwards?. FUCK I just dropped my highlighter pen. Shit that thing was really good. I think Karthi is on this bus. I’m worried that I might have to start a conversation with him. I’m not a genuinely good person, but I’m one hell of an actor. I like Gandhi’s quote “Integrity is what you do when no one is looking”. Just because you never steal when people are looking, that doesn’t mean you’re not a thieve. Damn, I”m gonna miss having that pen. I was on the phone yesterday with Keke. THANK YOU KRISNA! My pen just magically landed at my feet. That was pretty awesome. That just lightened my mood tenfold. Anyways, as I was saying, I spoke to Keke about some of her deepest darkest secrets. I was pretty surprised about the things she went through. The stupid girls at our school have no idea how terrible the events that took place in Keke’s life really are. Tara and them don’t like her because apparently Mino saw Keke doing something she shouldn’t be doing. It was a bad thing she did but none of them even tried to empathize. Who knows how many emotion and feeling she was going through at that moment. Fuck that Pus fag, I’m gonna deal with his case when the time comes. Keke doesn’t really have a group of friends and she used to be pretty popular at her old high school, and the dramatic change to an almost loner is really affecting her. I wish therer was something I could do to help, but I can’t really think of anything, other than trying to be a good friend. MY crew is the biggest, and has the most power/influence and fun. Its hard to have as much fun as us if your not in the crew. The crew already thinks  don’t chill with them enough and that I chill with Pajo-Baker more. Well that’s what Archie thinks. Imran says I D1 too much, I’m gonna slow that down for sure I actually did 🙂

I just remembered that one day, actually yesterday mommy called me and I immediately picked up and said “Wah yu saying”. She didn’t notice though. I want to get better at portraying emotions through my words without the use of emoticons. Emoticons make life easier. If only we could use them on essays.

Its raining ever so lightly outside. I didn’t write down a single line of lyric. I suppose I’ll think of the line throughout the day and write them down on my way back. I’m almost at wonderland. I’m just turning into the private road. Its strange because I feel the need to say bye to you. An inatimate, feelingless diary. A book. I  got for free at an ESP meeting. Until next time. [Shitty signature here] Image


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