Hitler was a phenomenal leader with horrible intentions. Their must be a lot to learn from a man who waged war on hundreds of thousands of innocent people. My knowledge of hitler is very limited. I know he killed anyone who wasn’t Christian, blue eyed and blond haired. He is a hypocrite because he has none of those qualities. He is an atheist. Oh and he has a funny moustache. That’s all I know about this legendary villain that changed the course of humanity forever.

I found this paper from grade 12 anthro which has some details about hitler. Here’s your information espresso 


Hitler rationalized his decisions by thinking of himself as a doctor ridding the world of germs know as Jews. “In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the almighty creator. I thought he was an atheist?

His political party National Socialist Party, is full of contradictions and he basically picks and chooses what he wants to believe.

He is known as The Prophet of Aryan Greatness. Who the hell are these aryans? I hear them in tamil songs. (Arya othdugal enbathu, dravida othgal yennathau).

Hitlers main ally was Japan because of their strict military operations and extreme nationalism.

I will add more later.


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