SASS Advice

Here is some advice I got from the University of Ottawa science help center. 

  • If you hear something from one side, it will be more distracting than if you hear something from both sides. Hearing something with both ears is ambience
  • Try one piece of advice at a time, so you can see whats really working for you
  • Give yourself due dates for homework questions from your syllabus 
  • Variety is key in subjects
  • Develop multitasking skills over time, because you can.
  • Don’t do all nighters. Blueberries. Greasy foods make you tired. Snack throughout the day 
  • Little bit of stress is good.
  • Leave the easy stuff for later, so you can do it when your tired
  • Midterms tell you “hey your good at this and you need to improve on this”
  • “Positive thinking, but don’t think…?
  • “You have to take the time, cuz no one else will”
  • Compromise, according to the hand your dealt
  • A well balanced student has 3 traits
    • Social
    • Individual
      • Have some zen time where you disconnect 
      • Physical, stress relief
      • Nutrition
    • Academic
  • Relating to real life makes things more interesting
  • Try colored, detailed notes/take notes without looking down (always focus on prof)
  • Keep relevant notes
  • Don’t be discouraged by low marks at the beginning
  • Your an adult. If you want to succeed, you will. 
  • During the exam, and you don’t know 20%, don’t concentrate on that; pessimist
  • If you fail a course that isn’t a pre-req, you can take it later
  • No matter what the situation there will always be options
  • Work in naps (20 or 30 mins)

I went to these guys right before a chemistry exam which I was struggling to study for. My productivity was in the toilet so I went to these guys for advice. They were surprisingly good, down to earth people. They didn’t feed me the regular bullshit, but they also didn’t fix me up perfectly. I’m still working on being able to apply all the great advice I’m given. If I could do that, I’d be a champion. 



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