August 26th 2012, whats on my mind

I’m finally writing a real journal entry. Direct from my head right now. No archiving, no research, just whats on my mind. I decided to play Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza by Mac Miller, cuz that’s the mood I’m in right now. I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago, and my cheeks are puffed up to the max. I’m downloading/installing a demo on my PS3. I haven’t played any PS3 games since last year, I dunno why I suddenly got the urge now. Actually I know why, its because I started using it for Netflix and using the ps3 controller just reminded me of how fun it is to play games.

Holy shit I’ve never watched this many tv episodes in a row before. I’ve watched almost 2 seasons of How I Met Your Mother since my surgery. I’d like to get ready to go out to the song Nikes on my Feet. It’s a getting suited up kind of song. Anyway, I started watching How I met your mother because some dude on a Roosh V forum said that if I study Barney’s attitude, it will provide an example of what wicked strong confidence looks like.

Barney does have a shitload of confidence. His slogan is challenge accepted. That’s a positive attitude brah. I don’t like the word brah. Nothing about it is attractive, it doesn’t sound nice, it is spelled stupidly, and has zero contribution to swag.

So I’ve been taking Tylenol 3, which contain codeine. Purple draaaank. That shits cray, lots of southern rappers have died from drinkin dat lean. I love their music though. Swang is one of my faves, by Trae and Hawk. Mad chill song.

One time someone was talking about fobs, being Fresh off the Boat, and I said “nah I was born in canada, i’m a FOM, fresh out the mom”.

Why is scatter brain an insult? Because they don’t focus on one topic? Maybe they are just multitasking, asshole. How I Met your mother is enlightening me to this whole other part of life which I didn’t know about. [I just switched over to A Tribe Called Quest, which is great. I haven’t specifically searched them up and listened to one of their songs in a long time]. Even though I feel a little more matured than Kaj on the subject, (he was like “well i’m gonna study, and then get a job, and then die”). I still did feel that after uni, life would be relatively a boring stable existence. I think that’s only true for brown people. Ah but janax, don’t fall trap to peepee’s false imagination of a close knit group of friends. I have a friend who wants to have a “cozy” caring group of friends that always calls eachother to do everything and is basically one of those groups of friends you see on tv. I asked him to give me a real life example, and it took him a while, but he mentioned this one crew from our highschool which he barely knew. Anyway, I don’t want to start believing something about the way life is based on a TV show, IF there is very low chance of it being realistic.

On the show, they goto a bar every night, and restaurants, and barney picks up all sorts of girls, and it feels like they all live in the same apartment, and they do all sorts of cool interesting stuff. Their jobs are fine, they make money, have plans, and basically seems like something I’d like to do when I’m that age. How realistic is it? Sure I can watch TV without a critical eye, and just enjoy it. Like when people watch jersey shore, knowing how stupid it is. It’s a guilty pleasure.

I am selfish in the sense that I don’t like to do things without knowing that I am improving myself in someway by doing it. I am a master of making almost anything seem like it is self-improvement. Games build strategy, facebook is being social, i only read non-fiction, organizing bookmarks will help me find information faster, watching HIMYM will teach me life lessons and i can learn confidence from a character named barney. BUT, I have a selectively-addictive personality. If I feel that i’ve exhausted the usefulness of something, i won’t just waste time with it meaninglessly. I can’t just waste time. Unless that’s the goal. lmao

Okay its 12:25 AM. I have plenty of options here. Watch HIMYM, watch A Fish Called Wanda or something else on netflix, play Dragon’s Dogma Adventure Demo, learn how to build GUI’s in java, read Speed Reading for Dummies, read Memory Techniques by Domnic Obrien. I could start texting people, I could clean out my facebook inbox, I could install another ps3 game. I can’t watch netflix and install a ps3 game at the same time.

I have this obsession with making my technology multitask. I love the idea of formatting my desktop, while running a spyware scan on my sister’s laptop, while my ps3 updates, and I download apps on my phone. everyone is up and working. i like putting things to use. assigning jobs to these people, who actually have the talent and ability. i want to apply that to real life. i think I could make a fantastic leader given the opportunity. why? Cuz i’m cool headed, organized, a good-decision maker, a critical-thinker, creative, charismatic, productive, awesome. Captain American might just be my favourite avenger. I like how he was able to delegate tasks to all other avengers during their time of crisis.

I’m just gonna press post and continue this in a sec


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