Is Sugar Healthy?

I can drink coffee without sugar, but is it worth my efforts? Here’s your information espresso.

  • Nancy Appleton, PhD, clinical nutritionist, has compiled a list of 146 reasons why sugar is the worst shit ever
  • Ancient Chinese people say that to to feel satisfied we need to notice all 6 tastes during our main meal
    • Sweet, sour, salty, astringent (herbs),  bitter (dark leafy greens) and pungent (garlic)
  • Replace sugar with something that is just as sweet, but without all the unhealthy shit
    • Xylitol is healthy and readily available
    • Xylitol is found in plums, raspberries and cauliflower
    • Xylitol is expensive, so you mix it with another natural ingredient called Stevia

All the above points were derived from this this website:

  • Don’t be fooled by pseudo-sugars like:
    • Evaporated cane juice
    • Turbinado
    • Raw sugar is also bullshit
  • *We naturally craved sugars because cavemen used to eat lots of berries, which contains lots of nutrients but are also sweet
    • *I love anthropological explanations like this
  • “After a period of maximum nutrition with fruits and vegetables, processed sugar will taste abhorrently sweet”

I made these notes solely from the information on this site:

  • Does sugar make kids hyperactive? No.
  • Kids just happen to be excited during common sugar administrating times (parties, rewards, parks .etc)
  • Sugar causes tooth decay
  • Sugar intake is not linked to the development of diabetes! Whoa, I didn’t know this one
  • Honey, brown sugar, white sugar and maple syrup all have similar nutritional values.

My sister suggest that eating man-made foods are harder for the stomach to process rather than natural occurring foods such as honey. She also wants to define natural foods as anything that isn’t processed, and can be made up of several other natural foods, for example chicken curry made with chicken, curry powder (made from seeds and stuff), onions, garlic etc.



I finally broke my month long streak of drinking instant coffee without sugar. I had to put some sugar in that Timmies coffee. Anyway, I took a packet of splenda from timmies, because I wanted to do some research on the ingredients. The first couple of websites about this stuff take a strong stance against splenda.

Its very obvious how biased these website are, however. One article was written by The Sugar Association, who are dedicated to protecting sugar cane farmers. Another one was by an alternative-medicine website, who has lots of articles with controversial titles like “10 Reasons Not To Eat White Bread”. I found one, straight from the Splenda website, which claims that Splenda is safe and has been in over 100 FDA approved studies. Splenda’s main ingredient is sucralose by the way.

I just put in one packet of Splenda into some strong coffee. Man, I wasn’t expecting too much of a difference in taste, but wow this stuff is concentrated. It felt like I dropped 3 packets of regular sugar. It does have zero calories. I’m not a calorie counter, so that doesn’t help me with any decisions.

In summary: It is difficult to get reliable information on this stuff, because of all the biases in these articles. Splenda has been around since 1998, which I guess is young, relative to how much information we can get about long-term splenda use.

NOTE: Artificial Sweetners are a 1.5 Billion dollar industry.


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