ANXD: Two entries of D1

D1 *** April/28/2009 **** D1

Hmm…I’m in the state of mind, wehre my surroundings are forcing me to express my creative portrayal of the normalities and obscurities of the world. Humour changes between ‘cool’ and non-‘cool’ people. The fobby indian kids find Adnan very entertaining. MY teacher uses the word “Sentinely” I immediately picture : Large purple and black, transformer-like, robots stomping on buildings with colored lasers coming out of there eyes.

Himalayas, barracudas, and Jonathan Shulman. What do you see? Jonatahn Shulman is big, white-skinned guy with an accent. [Also someone who left me with some of the most useful advice I have ever received]. If I left one blank line on every page of this diary, I’d have the equivalent to one page of blank lines.

& & May/27th/2009. D1 * & & &  [Yes I actually drew ampersands] 

Bodmon ting deh. I’m in careers right now, and Jony is reading a boring article about things I already know. Happiness has been fluent throughout the previous periods of my life. Parties make you popular. I made friends with BIndia at Rachaels party. MY Best friend is practically in love with her, so I’ve been ignoring/avoiding her. Jargon Danger. Moustache. Arumugam (six faces). I decide to let the past memories, though they are nice. I think my face should be maid out of jelly, on command. When your goal is to make someone laugh, when they realize you are trying to make them laugh, Laughing is the happiest emotion you can display. Contrairly, crying is an even higher display of yukelelelele What is one feeling when two is behind one, in the world where like attracts like for eg. Twone. Vino completely changed how I view gay people. I’m real interested in psychology, and I really want to learn some more “Body Hackss” as I like to call it. I’m in a competition with Monika Latiff Bluey. Imagine a pop can being obliterated into one thousand million diamonds that glowed a vibrant blue color in complete darkness. All that is left is the pop it iself. It takes a form of a small coke –

I remember in grade 12 I was reading through an old diary, and I didn’t like the D1 entries. I would just skip them, because they were just annoying to read. All the ideas are loosely strung together, and so much of the content is bullshit. Sometimes it’s the sheer randomness that makes it fun, but it never feels as cool reading it, as it did when I was writing it. 


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