ANXD: Pacifism, Christmas Party


I just woke up and stretched. I took  a nice refreshing drink at the water fountain and I feel well-rested and happily digested. [Where the hell am i?] I had a large McDonalds meal, and rushed to ESP club.

SImilar to the general public, I had thought that mass-genocide,war and terrorism, suicide bombers – are all terrible things, but I’ve only come to realize how strongly disturbing polictical violence really is, via this years *applied* history class. I’m very happy with my history teacher, I’ve never been more interested and active in history before. I HATED history, but now – I look forward to it. At the beginning of each class we get to discuss current world issues, and events. There are some inevitable boring parts of class, like slideshows and movies but for the most part, listening to him speak and explain is ineresting. He is consistently fair, and rarely “picks” on certain people. He has a problem with Debrah, but she acts so bitchy that its her own fault.[I didn’t know about deborah’s fun and friendly side at this point in my life]

I still haven’t finished speaking about the chritmas break, I left you hanging with “Javed asked Shivli out”. I’ll elaborate on what happened, and how things turned out, afterwards. For now I’ll just continue along the two weeks.

After the christmas party, we went to go watch Yes man, a movie with Jim Carrey. The movie was great, Jim Carrey is one of my favouriet actors. I was sitting beside Alan and some unknown chinese guy, but that didn’t bother me.

The end of the first week, the last 44 days, I hadn’t been home. I went to Gana Mama’s house, we were playing Rock Band for HOURS. The whole family liked the game. Gana, Saran, Sisters, Jenosan, Jenanee. Everyone got presents except me, but I trtuly wasn’t expecting anything, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted someone to buy for me. Grandma got me a perfect alarm clock, which was the only thing I REALLY wanted.

Gana said he was going to get me a really good gift on boxing day [He lived up to this and got me a TV]

We went to Babu’s hosue after staying over, and we stayed for three nights, which is an unusually long time. I thought it might be weird chilling with robbie again after so longg. Bava was there it was cool seeing him again.


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