ANXD: Imran’s entry, Janac’s Entry


Many, many many many thoughts. Are on my mind lord I don’t cry no more don’t look to the sky no more.

June/8th/2009 [IMR]

…”An atrocious inbominable container filled with thousand of small shao-lay figurines is placed precariously onto the edge of your roof. At slightest touch, it will extract the shao-lay figurines out into the world, eating every non-renewable resource in sight. Would it be an ethical display of anarchy to readily desire this container open? What would Bruce Lee do in this situation?? Do diplomats wear bullet proof underwear?” (The lion, the witch and Imran, pg 286) – I.Y. 1993 – 2035

…”A single drop of molten plasma rolled seductively along the creases of his butt cheeks, sending his skin and mind into unfathomable amounts of pain and pleasure. The red light district conversely created the mother of all pin cushions. Subtely a coolest butterfly mozied across the empty highway, but did her mother save the faceless attenae. “Ask the Lungayvitz of Bosnia” Said my greatest grand pappy, before his head exploded into oblivion across the Transatlantic subway circus. A marmalade flavoured paste was all that was left of great pappy Imran. The mouldy peanute butter took the shape of an angry chinese man name Karsin. But really, the volleyball master, decided his name shall be Nith. The choerence of the 12 Brungtacs, Bruntacs, Brungtasj thought the coach to himself, as he slithered around his apartment. Granpa Yussef? Had an obsession towards Asses, both female and male. WE MUST BRING SUNNY and BANSARI TOGETHER. Sharvil and adnan formed an intergalactic alliance of baby sheep and ostriches. Uncontrollable communists seized the coach, and interrogated his enigmatc. Suddenly little boy Jenkinshad found the sexy mohans. Bye.


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