ANXD: Final Entry, Good Friends, Math, Creative Writing

I’m on page 18 of this 35 page journal. I’m determined to finish this Captains Log by the end of the school year. I have  days, that’s 45 periods, almost 50 hours to complete this, to write …19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35| 17 pages of writing. It seems like a minor task, but it may be a great feat for certain individuals. I was thinking, maybe I should write essays, just for fun. It would be fantastic practise for english next year. I know I can excel at math, for it is my strongest subject, but its english and science that i’m worried about. [Interesting, I usually dedicate my confidence in math to kirushanth, but it seems I had some prior experience. I should give myself some credit too! (Or nesan sir)]My teacher, Ms .Tang has given me exam review sheets. I’m debating whether I should do them or continue this entry. Perhaps I’ll give myself a goal for the next 5 days. Not including the internal monolgues that me and imran (Or shall I say – IMran and I..) wrote, I think I’ll divide my time accordingly to the pages I tried tdoing that at the beginning of this year, but it didn’t really work. SOmedays I just don’t feel like pulling this dnotebook out and start writing. I think I’ll do most writing during computer science adn math. I gotta clear my locker out. I’m going gardening today, but I think its gonna rain, so I might flop on him AGAIN. I  think I might change my name to Raj, or Raja. maybe, Maharaja- since that’s partyof my original name. I gotta be careful of who I talk shit about, since I let most people ead this diary. Sunbag will now be called Bag. Bag told me to not hold in my thoughts and feeligns and to write them down, or just ell anyone. If you are not janac,and you are wondering who sunbag is ask andrew barns. Barnswell is a nice guy. He’s so determined 2LW, I trully respect that about him. I realized that I never lie in my diary. I don’t give my entries titles because I rearely focus on one topic. I tend to branch off into various ideas and thoughts. I can speak quite esoterically about few topics. SOme include D1 and martial arts. I think every guy has a passion, and a sport they like. Mine and Branan’s happens to be tae-kwon-do. Guys with no passion usually are hard-core D1. I think I’ll start doing math during star., 20 misn should be good. I always have tuition to do math. I need to study more for science and computer engineering. I hate binary plus all those diagrams that look like dicks. If I ever die I hopesomone reads my diary, and views me as a good person. I don’t know if I am a good person in everyones eyes. I try my best not to hurt anyone, physically or mentall, but I’m brutally honest, when I’m amongst company that I trust. Ask bag. I’m I’m gonna break up with bag because my parents won’t approve. I’m only 16 bag tells me.They know somethings wrong though. I have a fantastic life compared to some people I guess. COmpare me to and Ted. Ted is fat, unnattractiv, girls don’t want him , he’s viewed as a fooland a jester by most-people,and he doesn’t seem to have close friends. I’m slim, girls have said I’m attractive, I’m sometimes viewed as a funny guy, and a nice guy, and I have a few great trustable friends. Pritesh is an awesome friend to have. I think he’s helped me more than any other friend I have. I have the most fun with Imran. We share a special sense of stupidity, that no one else has. [I’ve discovered something similar with more people now, like Javed, Jerome, Arun, Pritesh, stefan and more]. If I finish this page  then I would have 15 pages left, which works out to be…4/15 = 3.75 pages per day after today. Deep dave is an asshole. He’s sitting right beside me. I wonder if he’ll notice that i’m writing shit about him. I wonder if writing mean things about people, is illegla. Deep Dave is an asshole, because I asked him if my math answer is correct,and he ignored me TWICE. Like wtf? Branan has had the same bad experience with PRiyak. I think priyank is o.k. [Deep later helped me a lot with computer engineering, so he’s not such a bad guy]. 

I think this is the most I’ve written in a single day. I guess I’m really in a writing mood at the moment. I can’t seem to remember, even though I’ve read up on it many times – what ambivalent means. I think it’s the same as ambigious. What skills will I gain from writing a lot. I ‘m writing in full sentences, proper grammer and spelling, but I’m not ESL. I need to do write about things or write in an advanced style. I need to push myself. The chain that Amma bought for my brithday turns out to be fake. I took a shower with it on and it turned silver. That sux OH! Maybe I can work on making my writing neater and faster. Most of my writing will will be presented via typing what if I typed my future diaries then i’d be on the computer or I would require a computer. I’mthinking of using Vani’s PDA to the fullest, recording all my notes onto it. I just need to get a SD card or something which should be cheap enough. I think that unreasonable though. Its star now, SO i’m gonna stop writing 3 and a half pages today .Oh shit! I gotta write this much everyday in order to finish this diary. Maybe 2I should just keep going since I’m in the writing momentum.

The pen glides along the pure white page, revealing a thick deep blue as the pen progresses, effortlessly. There is aabsolute nothingness. Just a blissfulwhite plain, and a lonely pen. The area is similar to the hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ. but the only difference is that there is no entrance or exit. The pen can only move forward and side to side, whilst moving forward. It never pauses or looks back. AT time is hovers, ever so slowly giving off ad eep buzzing noise. OTher times, the pen jolts from end to end sprinting it a race against it self, endlessly travelling at mind boggling speeds. Until one day. One day the pen stops. The ink has run out. I think 4 pages is enough for today.

And this marks the end of A Non-Explicit Diary


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