I re-read what I wrote, on January 20th – the part about feeling kinda shitty about everything; My sister once told me that “Life will be soooo great, and then it’ll become so shitty – as if a hundred bad things come all at once”. [I still remember her telling me this in the basement of 67 Milford haven dr]. I don’t think she’s ever given me such great advice that also stuck with me.

Right now, my life seems incredible. My facebook status was “I’m happy, do I make you Jealous”. I wrote that because lots of people have complaints about their lives, and I barely have any. Atleast 90% of kids my age have complained about their love lives, 50% complains about parents, 60% complains about money/jobs, and the rest complain about school. I’m doing pretty great in schoo, I have irreplaceable parents, I’m making enough money at Jessies/RFC, and I’m getting a lead over at Ontario Place, because of Mr. Fenty- his brother works at H.R. there. Pritesh got interviewed by him. Matthew.


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