ANXD: Shivl Hugging,Memory loss, How I want to write, Emoticons


I’m in computer engineering. I WAS sitting beside Nitharsan and IMran, my two bestfriends, but our friggin teacher decided to split us all up. Nitharsan sits with thuvarakan nd dem; and I’m stting beside sujena -> imran has it the worst, he’saalone at the back. USually I would just take this as an opporrtuniy to learn whats happening catch-up in class, but we’re learning some obvious shyt that doesn’t require memorizing. [I wonder why I decided to cross that line out?] 

Shivli was telling me that she and George talk on the fone/msn lateee into the night like 4-5AM in the morning. I asked what they’d be talking about and she mentioned a few things. Of those things I found “talking about other people” and “Shyt talking” most interesting. Speaking of Shivli, yestserday at the corner where the herd splits up, Shivli hugged everyone, including me. My mom happened to be watching from a distance( in her car) and when I got home shes asked me about it. She was being cool though. I was afraid she might [start] giving me another redundant lecture on not talking to girls. She at the end asked “does she hug, EVERYDAY” (in tamil) and i responded with “Yeah, its a daily rituatl”.

I realize I could write entire pages about ppl but I also realize it would have to be positive or neutral comments. (No shit taling.) This diary is supposed to be a writing exercise for me and a memorandum. (Something to perserve my memories in).

An Idea just hit me- what if I lose my memory one day? [Ah! a great reason to have a blog] I do a lot of dangerous things, what if I hit my head and forget who I am? I tend to imagine how people would react when I show up to school with no-memory of who my friends are. 

I think some wouldn’t believe me, and think that I was acting or laughing. I wonder if I’ll be as shocked as my friends would be. What if my character traits change completely. Maybe i’ll forget about my super-strong belief in karma [Hah, thats been shaking down with no assistance of memory loss]. Maybe i’llbecome a master-theif (ironic because currently- I would never steal, under any circumstance). 

There shouldn’t be any limits to this diary/Journal/captain’s log. Except darker secrets. 

I’m Trying to keep all the entries slang-free and moderately formal.

Imran just waved at me, I think he was starring at me. [LOLL]

My teacher thinks Sujena is Dinogy xD. I’m ambigous whether I wshould include emoticons in this. I find that I should be able to output any emotions through my words. Any emotions that an emote would have produced, I mean.Image


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