ANXD: Secret Santa


Continuing from my last log…

We got to the secret santa party- we walked from kunals’ to Shivli’s in the BLIZZARD…luckily we made it there alive. Everybody got awesome gifts, I”m the only one who screwed up – > nitharsan didn’t seem THRILLED about the 30$ markers I gave him, but he made some fantastic drawings afterwards. Cyni got me a sick sweater hoody, from urban planet…I think it only costed 15$ but I still really liked it. Everyone thought it was awesome. Farhan was sitting beside me when I opened my gift. I LOV’D The card because cyni knows I write poetry and she wrote an ~anagram~? ONe of those. Poems that start with a letter a nd vertically spell otu a word ( IT spelt out cynthia). Massta was SO happy when Fariha [fariha!?] got him NBA 2K9 for 360 he went around high fiving everyone. Imran really appreciated the durable gloves he got. The weirdest thing was how sujy and alan got eachtother. Also Javed asked shivli out the day b4 the party. I left early because I had to goto work (Another 13hr day).


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