ANXD: Rainforest Cafe Job Interview, How I relaxed my nerves


I’ve got a nervous feeling in me, because thsi morning, Pritesh told me that we have a mock interview at the YOuth Job Action Centre in malvern mall. I’m not too worried about the mock interview, becasue my only competition is Pritesh. I’m worried of the REAL interview at Rainforest Cafe, not because of the event itself but because the date collides with my tae-kwon-do testing. I’ll just hafto ask MAster Woodburn if he can re-schedule.

I wonder what kind of job I would get there? I’m guessing I’d do dish-washing or be a bus boy. I lost my work-related-things-folder which contained my resumes applications and interview notes. I’ll ask the guy, Randy, If I could get another copy of all those sheets. I’m in math class by myself, cuz Shivli had to elave school early. I have NO money at all, not a penny. but I’ll hafto take the bus to malvern and I need bus fair. I’ll hafto brisk-walk to my house, get money and bus it OR if I’m really lucky, we’ll be able to get a ride from my parents/sisters. I’ll call home and ask first, if they say no then I might just let Pritesh bus it by himself.

Getting the job is the hardest part, but after I get the job I might have zero chillling time. I might hafto move TKD and Tutoring on the weekends. I’ll be busy night/day 7 days a week. I might hafto ask for a day off during the week, and i”ll hafto quit my current job at Jessies. I gotta find a worker for him. I know Yathy and those guys would be down to wrk, but they’ll steal and give Aziz a hard time.

If I do work lots of hours, even at minimum wage, I”ll be a BALL€R (THe E was supposed to be a euro) I’ll have the hottest clothing, nicest things. Pritesh will save up and my buy a house or something, but I’m gonna play. I’ll buy a lava lamp, may enlarge my room, and put a pool table in it. [LMAOO what was I thinking!] Yeah, I’ll never have time to play pool, but on holidays and weekends I’ll enjoy myself with my dual-monitor, wall mounted computer monitors, that have webcams hidden in…pool table that will show the shots made in slow motion. From various angles. In the summer, I’ll have saved enough money for an e-bike. When I think about these things, I feel a lot more relaxed. 

I cant beleive Catherine can read her book, even with all the annoying distractions in our class. I don’t find ppl that talk out loud during class funny. Especially Santh XD. I did the math hmwk perfectly, and when she assigns todays hmwk. I’ll stop diarying.

Lots of ppl (me and shivli) noticed that maham dresses much nicer this year.

Ive been increasing my water-intake DURING school. Ive definitely saved money-no more need to buy drinks.

Wilsons [its actually spelled welsen] chinese name is Pong-Chan. I tried saying it in my notorious chinese accent, but he claimed I was styll saying it wrong. THe hmwk was just assigned. But I don’t have a textbook…


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