ANXD: Pencil, Laptop, Perservation, (Long entry)


Imran still bothers me about the stupid pencil. It always ruins our fun when he brings it up. He claims that I’m negligent and inconsiderate. Those are bold words for such a stupid little pencil. I sometimes counter-retort with the fact that he threw my all-time favourite ball. The only problem is that he ACCIDENTALLY threw the ball over the roof, and I purposefully broke it. BReaking something Thats like tripping someone, who’s ALREADY fallen. You can’t drop something thats on the floor. Its like cutting a bald-mas hair – DOESNT’T make sense. *Sigh* oh well, Imran’s gay like that sometimes.

Yesterday after school everyone went home early so me and Imran decided to bake pancakes at my house. We were laughing sooooo hard, at things I can’t remember. I think ti was something to do with Imran almost hugging me whilst trying to get a spoon. The pancakes came out really shitty. Imran’s a horrible cook. I was thinking that my relationship with Krisoth is not as strong as it is with my other closest friends. It old him about it and he said over the summer (when imran moves) us three will hang-out all the time.

It was one of these kind of cheap ass ones too!

I wonder if Andrew Barnswell likes Sunita. Shuwathie asked me  if I liked Sunita… I said No 🙂 NOTE TO FUTURE ME – whenever I’m going to abruptly change the topic, I’ll start a new paragraph.

My sisters’s laptop broke, and now she always uses my computer. Now that I can’t spend all my free time on the computer, I have todevelop new ways of passing time. I was trying to get some ideas from Imran, but he plays sports…by himself which is omething I’m not fond of. I’m thinking of colouring and drawing because I can spend a lot of time doing that BUT – I want to spend this extra time IMPROVING myself. Yesterday I spent 30 minds (approx) make STOMP style music in my storage room. I took a video, but when I was recording, it didn’t come out as nicely as it did when no one was listening.

I realize that I love perserving memories. I keep all my doodles(on the computer cabinet door) I keep all my full-sized drawings (stick them on my walla) and I even kept the Energy DRink cans and rolled up little pages with stories about how i quired the can. I keep this diary, I keep a backup of all the Legendary Messages and finally, I frequently take videos and pictures. All these aforementioned items are relevant with “perserving the past”. [Holy shit, I haven’t changed one bit. I can add “I keep a blog” to this list now, four years later!]

I’m in civics class and I finished all my work. I usually finish my work faster than everyone else. But I’m getting a 60.

I need to find something to do, that will either improve my mental or physical condition. [Wow, I didn’t know I had that attitude all the way back then. The only books I read nowadays are self-help books, and when I watch movies or play games, I think about how it will improve me as a person]

You may have noticed that I’m not limiting how much  I write each day. This is because I only write once a wee sometimes less. THis diary is only for THIS year. I’m not planning on keeping one for grade 11 and 12, but I might keep an occasional journal. The only mark I’m worried about in my senior highschool years, is ENGLISH. [I drew a lightbulb here] I’ll READ! YES! Thank you my dear diary. [What a creative play on words] You made me realize taht in my spare time, I should read, which will boost my english knowledge. Once I fix my psp screen, I’ll find a homebrew dictionary that will define any words that I’m unsure of .

I wish I could time track how much I write, in how much time. This way I’ll be able to calculate the amount of hours I spent writing this diary.

I want to go clubbing one day…soon.


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