ANXD: Birthday Parties


Still coughing =( D2 @t Kunal’s 2maro XD


Happy new year and Merry Christmas. I’m going to name this diary Hector [ROFLCOPTER]. So many events have occured since my last entry. Starting from Dec/19th/friday 2008 := Bharathi, Janac , Stefan, Jerome, and Kunal decided to D2 at kunals base. Keeping in mind that this is a NON-explicit journal… Kunal’s gf, and her friend were also their and they was just chylling but eventually got D3;d when a guy gets D3’d its harder for the rest of us to enjoy ourselves. Shivli’s secret santa party is on the same day, and none of us were to show up D2’d. Me and jerome left, and bharathi ~relaxed~ with kunal. We got to Shivli house.


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