ANXD: Computer Science Class, Dickhead


My computer science class is pretty boring, I only talk to Yudhiistan and Jeeva. Our teacher is cool, and the work is interesting. The only problem is that our class is 100% South Asian. Tamils, Indians, Pakis, Punjabs, all types of browns. Everyone is muslim or hindu. Or converted Christians. I dislike how some Christians believe that if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord, you go to hell. [My opinions on this matter has changed to being accepting of what other people believe, regardless of how dissimilar it is to my own beliefs]. WTF That’s wack. Today Seiyone stomped on Imran’s groin. With Tims. While imran was sitting on a hard tile floor. I think imran should implant a metal device that protects his dick. NOthing too complicated, just something so that when someone steps/hits/bites his crotch THEY are in worse pain then him. I’m going with pritesh after school today. Thivya was wearing all black today. I saw her in the hallways walking past me and Shivli. I was helping Shivli during lunch, I was TRYING to help her for the test we were going to have (last period) but there were soo many distractions. Bitches came by, Shuwathie nd them came, Roshan dem came, Sultan was there. A lot of things that side tracked Shivli. I finally got her attention but Seiyone, being the dickhead he is, decided to squash Imran’s balls. I felt sooo bad , cuz I didn’t do anything. Imran was just stunned for like 20 seconds, and Seiyone just left. He was innocently working on his english ass. and the jerk… Its 3:00p, the bell rang but our teacher is making us watch these girls’ slideshow. Cynthia was talking to Imran and I left without saying anything to him. It’s events like this that make seiyone and his crew look bad.



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