ANXD: Abreviations, Future, Reasons I Keep a Diary

Continuing from where I left off…I will be using a lot of abbreviations i.e. NTFJ. [Note to future janac]. Also, expect a lot of random comments, thoughts, statements .etc. The main idea of this diary/Journal, is to leave notes that might interest my future self. Maybe in the future we’ll never use pencils, or maybe I’ll speak another language, who knows what the future beholds! I’m in math class again, I have a feeling most, if not all my journals will originate from this class. I hope I can read my writing. I made a computer science rap, with a video – > I got 100%It was really easy because I enjoyed it while It was being done. I’m ambigious on whether I should read my book, or write in this journal. I gotta finish my book before oct 20-sth. Its interesting how people tend to only remember key ideas or events. If I asked ap erson for a certain number (like the due date for my eng ass.) they would say 20-sthg,I realize there’s only 36 pages in this diary, and I was planning on writing in this,every math class, for the rest of the year. IF I use2 pages for two entries that means I’ll use one page per entry. That means 36 entries. I have  more math classes till the end of the year. IF, if, I follow the 1 pg/entry limit, then I should be able to use this journal until January Exams. I think that if I reach my entry limit/day I’ll just read till the end of class or I’ll just pay attention in class. I could bother shivli/victoria/people around me, but it seems that everyone needs to pay attention. Time flew by for me, I have 10 mins left in class, but it FELT like 10 mins In class.


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